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The Debunked Series is now live!

Opening Gallery A: Black Scholarship (Click Here)
Gallery B: Black Expressions & Education through the Arts (Click Here)
Gallery C: Black Sense of Community (Click Here)
Gallery D: Black Intersectionality (Click Here)
Closing Gallery E: Importance of Shifting Narratives (Click Here)

Gallery Access: February 21 through 25, 2022 (5 Total Galleries)


Debunked Series

Spring 2022

Inspired by Ida B. Wells, Dr. William Edward Burghardt DuBois, Langston Hughes,

Dr. Ivory Toldson, Dr. Leslie Fenwick, Dr. Sandra Kalu, and many others.

In honor of Black History & the Present, the Howard University Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) has aimed to collaborate with fellow HU School of Education (HUSOE) student organizations, students, faculty, and guests in order to host and partake in an experience of engaging, uplifting and honoring the intersections of lived and imagined experiences of Black people. Objective: to debunk myths and negative narratives about Black individuals, communities, children, parenthood, families, experiences, creativity, intellectual contributions, and movement(s). To contribute to this work, we have developed the GSAC Debunked Series: 3-D PhotoVoice Gallery to be hosted in

Spring of 2022 from February 21 through February 25, 2022. 

All Galleries Are Open!

Virtual Gallery.jpg

Our Inspiration

The purpose of the Debunked Series was inspired by the work of Dr. Ivory Toldson who centered the importance of debunking myths about Black/African American students, families, and outcomes. Encouragement to pick up the torch was inspired by Dr. Leslie Fenwick’s call to action during the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 academic year when engaging the new Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Ed.D. cohort. The decision to develop a Photovoice Gallery was considered after an assignment developed by Dr. Sandra Kalu during her first semester as a professor within the HU School of Social Work. The courage to pursue such a community-wide series was fostered by the feedback and support of Dr. Carol Moye, Ms. Brandy Jackson, and Dr. Dean Dawn G. Williams, respectively. 

It is important to the Executive Team that fellow colleagues are given an opportunity to both honor and join the conversation by connecting their existing and developing work to a larger call-to-action. We aspire to provide this opportunity through a creative avenue "at home" within the HU community through the Debunked Series.

How to Join the Inaugural Debunked Series: 3D Photovoice Gallery as a Presenter or Guest

Call for Interest Applications

For the Spring 2022 showcase, participants will NOT have to be physically present for the Debunked Series. GSAC is developing and hosting the showcase via a 3D virtual platform. 

Interest Application
QR Code for Debunked Series Interest Application.png

We welcome student, faculty, and guest presenters across departments to: 

  • Submit an Interest Application 

  • Within the interest application, upload one to three images that tell(s) a story, convey(s) a message, or represent(s) an aspect of presenter's research that connects with the Series’s purpose

  • Within the interest application, an upload of 60-second audio or video recording must accompany the image(s) to capture the presenter’s intended message

Areas of Focus

The showcase will be presented within the following categories listed below. Presenters will select ONE focus area that best illuminates their content and purpose as it relates to the Series’s objective: 

  • Academic Achievement for Black Students

  • The Role of HBCUs

  • Black Student Life

  • Black Expressions through the Arts (i.e. vocal performance, dance, authorship, film and others) 

  • Black Communities & Neighborhoods

  • Black Intersectionality (i.e. racial identity, class, gender identity, sexuality, religious identity and other social identities)

  • Critical Race Theory

  • Black Families

  • Black Parenthood

  • The Role of Community Schools (often in urban or historically and presently segregated communities)

  • Impact of Black Educators

  • Black Joy & Health

  • Black Life (i.e. Luxury, Movement and the Pursuit of Happiness)

  • Groundbreaking & Rising Black Scholars & Theorists

  • Policies and Movements that Impact Black Intersections

  • Other: as defined by the participant

Debunked Series Flyer 2022 Update.jpg
No upcoming events at the moment

 Participants who RSVP will be entered into a drawing for a special Debunked Series gift.

Featured Speakers

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